2019-20 has been a great year for us at Kids Joy School.

We started the year with a whole new look to the school, having renovated it over the summer. It was bright and new and had more space for the children to work and play.

The month of June, was a settling in month and there was great excitement as the new little ones joined us. Our theme was Farm Animals and a highlight was a visit to the ‘Sacred Heart Zoo’ where the kids got to see goats, ducks and other birds and animals.

By July the kids were settled in and our theme was the exciting ‘Universe’! The whole school became a mini space centre, with planets hanging all over the place. Children learnt about this very big concept through various stories, videos, presentations and lots of hand on activities. The also learnt about what it means to practically care for our planet earth.

August’s theme was India and we had a great Independence Day celebration with the hoisting of the flag. We did some crafts on the different national symbols and the children learnt what it means to be truly Indian citizens, by thinking about those not as privileged as them with a visit to a local orphanage. Another big highlight of the month was the clean up drive, where the children wore gloves and cleaned up a local area.

After the Onam holidays, the children were back in school and our theme for September was seasons. Once again our school was decorated to show the different seasons we experience. Teacher’s Day was also celebrated, with the SKG children doing a wonderful job of taking on the role of being teachers and teaching the younger classes.

October was a busy month at Kids Joy School. The theme for the month was one of our favourites – Nutrition. We do believe that healthy eating starts young and we are very keen to inculcate these things in our little children. Our visit was to a bakery where the children learnt how bread and pastries are made. We also had a very exciting fancy dress competition with the theme being ‘fruits and vegetables’. The children were dressed exquisitely!

November’s theme was Community Helpers. The children had fun with their visit to the police station. They learnt how each person in the community plays a valuable role and how we need to respect everyone. Children’s Day too was celebrated with a party at school.

The month of December was busy with Annual Day Practice. The theme for the month was Christmas. The children learnt a special skit, that they went and performed for a nearby anganwadi and then gave them some gifts. It was great to see our children grow in confidence and learning to think about others.

The new year began with an exciting new theme – the world! Children got an experience of different countries of the world. Our big event of the year – the Annual Day happened at the end of the month and it was such a joy to see our children come up on stage and perform so confidently. It was great to be able to have the senior kindergarten graduation ceremony as well.

In February, we continued with the theme of ‘The World’. The children enjoyed doing crafts from different parts of the world. A highlight was the sports day where we had different creative games.

March was a revision month, but we never knew school would have to come to a close one day, just like that! But we were glad we got to say our goodbyes to our Senior KG children at their graduation ceremony.

All together it was a great year and was so nice to see the children bloom over the year. Its been our joy to play a small part in the journey of their lives. We wish our passing out children all the best, and we look forward to having the rest of our children back in school soon!

We’ve made a little video of the year gone by, please do watch it and come with us on our Journey of Kids Joy School 2019-20. You can click on this link: Life at Kids Joy School.

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