The theme for the month of October is one of our favourites – nutrition! Healthy eating habits are something so core to life and we really want our children to pick it up at this young age and hopefully carry it on through their life. They learnt about the different food groups, the difference between healthy and junk food and how to eat a balanced diet.

Our visit was to a bakery, where they got to see what happens ‘behind the scenes’. They were very fascinated to see the large quantities of dough being kneaded by machines and the sizes of the ovens and rolling pins. It was a great learning experience for them.

Another highlight of the month was the fancy dress competition. The theme in keeping with the month’s theme, was fruits and vegetables. Many came very creatively dressed. Competitions like these are great opportunities for children to grow in confidence and learn to overcome shyness and fear.

Our Senior KG children had an assessment for the first time and they all enjoyed it and did very well. The purpose of these assessments is not to put pressure on them to perform but rather to help the teachers see where they are at and help them in areas they are weak in. We want to see our children excel in academics as well as all the other extra curricular activities and we want to give them all the support we can without putting any pressure on them.

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