About Us

Kids Joy is a Nursery, Play Group and Kindergarten school for children 2 -6 years. With high quality education, we aim to give every child a headstart to life and produce leaders of tomorrow.The school is situated at Jubilee Centre, Thevara Junction, Kochi

Hand PaintingOur Vision

Every child is born with a unique potential. We kindle that uniqueness in our children through love, care and encouragement. With the guiding principles of integrity and quality education, Kids Joy seeks to utilise the critical childhood years, to develop children into emotionally secure, self-confident, intellectually curious, and socially conscious individuals. We aim to broaden the children’s range of experiences, introduce new possibilities, and help develop thinking skills by providing a stimulating, exciting environment where children will have the freedom to play, observe, query and explore. We also focus on developing communication skills in English

Our EnvironmentActivity Time

Our aim is to provide outstanding early years education for children through creative play and learning experiences in a happy, relaxed and safe atmosphere – a multisensory environment where children can see, touch, hear, taste, smell, play, explore and experiment. Our classrooms are always decorated with up-to-date colourful, inspiring and lively visual aids and examples of the children’s work which helps to expand their creative intelligence and intellectual development. We use the latest technology to produce high quality learning aids  in order to develop the children in all areas. We celebrate events and special days and put up performances where the parents are invited. We also take the children for many outings in order to expand their learning.

staff and volunteersOur People

We offer one of the best adult – student ratio among all the preschools in Kochi. Teachers at Kid’s Joy are accomplished and qualified in early childhood disciplines. They deploy all their energies to stimulate the child in accordance with his or her own rhythm. All our teachers undergo a structured curriculum and operations training frame work, which helps them to embrace the Kids Joy Unique approach. The training enables them to be kept abreast of the latest trends and development in preschool education and maximize their professional competency and relevance.