“Mama! Nikhil’s invited me for his birthday party on Friday!”, shouts your excited child.

Birthday parties are a part and parcel of preschool life. But along with that comes the important decision of the present!

So here’s a list of gifts for children from the age of 0 – 6 years, according to age and price range, which are both practical and educational too. It can also be used as a list of what you can buy your own child according to their age to aid their development.

 Before we get into the list, here are a few things to keep in mind while selecting a gift:

  • Age of the child
  • Developmental stage of the child (For example one 4 year old may be reading entire books by himself, whereas another may still not know the sounds of the letters)
  • Amount you want to spend
  • Current interest of the child (some are into puzzles, others into dinosaurs and others construction vehicles)

0 – 1 year olds

Children at this stage change rapidly. Every month they cross new milestones. They are learning to process the world around them, understand cause and effect, learning to retain things, develop their gross motor skills, and the beginnings of language development. So some great gifts for babies, to stimulate their development, are books, toys that teach cause and effect, toys that are visually stimulating, etc.

1 – 2 year olds

This is a stage of exploring the world around. A stage of wanting to establish independence and test boundaries. It is also a stage of great imaginative play. Things that encourage exploration and imagination such as blocks, play animals, sensory toys, picture books, etc. make great gifts.

Shapes Toy

(Rs 248)

Wooden Puzzle

(Rs 290)


(Rs 325)

2 – 3 year olds

Fine motor skills are being developed. Foundations for reading, writing, learning math are being established. Toys, books and equipment that support learning and help develop fine motor skills such as colouring books, play doh, wooden puzzles, story books, etc. are good for this age group.

Doctor’s Set

(Rs 469)


(Rs 599)

Ride On 

(Rs 1099)

3 – 4 year olds

Many children have started going to school at this age. They are understanding their emotions and their bodies. They love dressing themselves and learning to do activities like brushing their own teeth, combing their hair etc. They have a lot of imaginative play. They are beginning to understand concepts like opposites, how things work, etc. Things like school accessories, body products like hairbrush, toothbrush, etc, dressing up clothes, things that encourage imaginative play such as dolls, kitchen set, art and craft sets, etc. make great gifts.

5 – 6 year olds

Children are more established now, and they love more complex play. They enjoy playing games with other children and adults. They enjoy things that are challenging and take longer to complete. They would also have started reading and doing higher maths. Building toys, puzzles, rubix cubes, books, craft and other creative kits, etc. are things children will enjoy at this stage.

Memory Game

(Rs 237)

Art Set

(Rs 249)

Craft Kit

(Rs 529)

Marble Run

(Rs 1100)

Hope this list helps you next time you are looking for a gift for children!


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The links and prices are as of 28 September, 2022. These are subject to change.

Please note that this is not an affiliated post. The author or school can not be held responsible for the quality or nature of the product.

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