Our theme for the month was ‘The Universe’. We introduced them to what lies beyond the skies – space and the galaxies, and then the solar system. We made some paper mache planets and the children really enjoyed sticking layers of newspaper on the balloons. They then proudly hung it up in their classrooms. They also made ‘Name Rockets’ where they learnt to spell their names and write it down. At Kids Joy we believe that learning should be fun. As much as we can, we try and make it interesting for the children by using art, craft. games, etc. Therefore even a simple exercise like learning to write their name, can be made so much more fun by using methods like these.

After exposing them to the big world out there, we zoomed into our planet earth and taught them what it means to care for the environment – how we all have a responsibility to look after it.

Show and Tell is another important aspect of our curriculum, where children are encouraged to get an item related to the theme for the month and talk about it. Its great to see the children growing in confidence as they come in front of the class and talk about what they have brought.

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