We concluded Summer Splash 2017 on Saturday, Apr 22nd. It was an absolutely fun filled week with new and exciting activities every day. The children were divided based on age groups Р Guppies(4-6), Dolphins(7-9) and Blue Whales(10-12).

We began each day with a surprise countdown act like Circus, Jungle, Tribal dance, Bollywood, Super Heroes and the Chinese Dragon. The kids loved the comical presentation and the sweets that came along with it.

One of the objectives for Summer Splash was to teach a few personal values to the kids like Kindness, Honesty, Obedience, Forgiveness & Love. We did this through an object lesson, skit and songs. The song & dance time was one of their favourites!

Science Based Craft
Every child loves craft! Here they got to combine a science science and make something with available resources. This workshop was where the kids made a salt painting, a squeezy ball, a periscope & a torch! Each activity was custom designed to cater to the kids of different ages.
No Fire Cooking
The kids loved getting their aprons on everyday to take on a new dish. They even got to take their goodies home to give their family a taste. They made no bake chocolate balls with Marie biscuits, bread pizza, cupcakes and they even got to frost their cupcakes with buttercream frosting.
Story Telling
The kids got to learn different ways to weave a story around a situation with different character. They even learnt to use props to tell their story. This was a short workshop at the end of which each child was able to make a scrapbook with the story they made with their friends.

On the last day, we invited the parents to come be a part of the Finale. The kids put up their theatre acts that they learnt during the camp. They got to play a game with their parents and watched them be a part of the song & dance time too. Overall, it was a fantastic week of learning, exploring and loads of fun!

Watch this short video to catch a glimpse of what the week was like!

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