Kids Joy School presents an all new schooling programme, keeping with the times, right from the comfort of your home. Admission is open to anyone across the world. The fees will be payable monthly, keeping in consideration the changing scenario and to give parents flexibility.


Based on our research, we have come to the conclusion that regular online classes may not work for preschoolers who could find it difficult to sit in a virtual classroom everyday for long periods of time. So we have come up with a system where we will use a combination of videos, virtual classes, one on one child teacher interactions, craft packs and workbooks.



High quality videos are being recorded from our very own school studio! Our teachers are working hard creating videos for every lesson using visuals, drama, songs, puppets, etc. to make it appealing for the children. The videos include assembly time, GK, Math and Phonics lessons along with song time, craft, etc. The majority of the teaching will happen through our videos, where parents will have the flexibility to show it to their children at a time convenient for them (as we are aware that many parents are also working from home).


Virtual Classes

We do not want to completely eliminate classes together, as we do believe that the children need to interact with their teacher and other classmates. So these will happen just once or twice a week for about 20 – 30 minutes, and the purpose of these will be for children to have some personal interaction with the teacher and other children in a fun way.


One on One Teacher Child Interaction

In order to keep our programme as close to a school environment as possible, we will be organizing one on one calls from the class teacher with each child to check on how the child is doing as well as to pick up any areas the child may be academically struggling with and thus give them some individual attention.


Parent Teacher Interaction

Given the current situation, it in essential for the teacher and parent to be regularly in touch and the teacher will be happy to provide any help the parent needs with regards to the child’s learning.



Every lesson has a worksheet to go along with it, to reinforce the child’s learning. Each subject has a workbook and a craftbook. Senior Kindergarten children, also have other notebooks. Parents can come to school and pick up the books. For those who are not from Kochi, we can arrange for the books to be shipped to you.


Craft Pack

Art and craft is a great way to encourage the child’s creativity, develop fine motor skills and make learning more enjoyable. In Kids Joy School, we do a lot of craft, and with ‘The New Normal’, we want to continue to do so. But we are aware that parents may not have all the supplies at home or may not find the time to buy the materials. Hence we are preparing a craft pack with all the material needed. This will include playdoh, glue, chart, wool, sequins, etc.


Daily Communication

Every day, parents will be sent a detailed programme of what your child needs to do along with the lesson videos, worksheets and craft.


Our desire is that your child will really bloom during this time, and we will be able to provide parents with a fully structured, but yet simple and doable program so that they do not need to hassle with having to figure out what to do with their child during this time.


Please call 93883 89659 to register your child.

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