The theme for the month of October was ‘My Body’. The children learnt about how their bodies have been made so complex. They learnt about the different bones and human skeleton, as well as how our body is made up of muscles and nerves. They enjoyed learning about how to care for their body and be hygienic.

A highlight for the month was the teaching about good touch and bad touch. They learnt what is acceptable and what is not and how to protect themselves from abuse. Its so important for parents and teachers – the people they trust the most, to be able to have open conversations with them right from an early age, rather than it being a taboo topic to talk about and then them getting into vulnerable situations later on and not knowing how to handle it.

Another highlight of this month was the visit to the Dentist. The children learnt very practically about dental hygiene. They were also presented with a lively session at the dental clinic about the ‘sugar monster’ and how to fight him!

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