Last month at Kids Joy, our theme was Seasons. We went through summer, monsoon, winter and spring. The school was decorated according to the theme, with a huge cut out of a girl holding an umbrella to greet you when you enter! The children enjoyed learning about how the sun is so important in summer, the water cycle, how to dress during winter and about the different flowers, birds and new life that we see in Spring.

They enjoyed making flower petal pictures, 3D rainbows, sunflowers, umbrellas and even snowmen! At Kids Joy we believe that learning is hands on and every week try and do atleast two crafts to stimulate their brains and improve their fine motor skills.

Game time was fun with games related to the months theme such as flower garland relay and filling water from one cup to the other.

Their favourite stories were the ugly ducking and the rainy day picnic. Song time was fun too where they learnt about the different days of the week, months of the year and ofcourse the all like favourite – Mr. Sun!

Another highlight was show and tell where each of them bought a flower and spoke about it. The next one was an object that is used during the monsoon. Many children came well prepared and it was a great opportunity for them to stand on stage and improve their public speaking skills. The presentations too were excellent and some parents took a lot of trouble to make it interesting for the children.

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