We’ve had an exciting month at Kids Joy School. The theme was Nutrition – a topic that is intrinsic to our values. We believe that its important to teach our children right at this young age, the importance of eating well. We hope that this will last their life time and help them make good food choices even when they are older!

They learnt about the different food groups, the difference between healthy and junk food and how their body digests food – all through song, stories and fun activities.

A highlight was the fancy dress competition, where they had to come dressed as a fruit or vegetable. Many had extremely creative costumes and were able to express themselves confidently on stage.

Another great learning experience was a visit to fruit and vegetable shop, where they got to see, smell and touch the different fruits and vegetables.

They enjoyed vegetable printing, making flowers out of lady fingers and caterpillars with cucumbers.

Show and Tell was exciting – where each of them brought different food and had to talk about which food group it belonged to.

The school was decorated with larger than life models of fruits and vegetables hanging all around.

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