Our theme for the month of November was ‘Community Workers’. The children learnt about the different professions and how it is important to value every role people play in the community whether they are a watchman or a doctor.

The visit for the month was to the local post office, where they met the postmen and the post master. The learnt how letters must be stamped, address written and then posted into the post box!

The presentations were excellent with the children and their parents presenting on different community workers such as doctor, fire fighter and postman.

The crafts were lots of fun, with children painting and making their own firefighter hats and doctor bags.

We had a specialist dentist, Dr. Vincy, come in one day and talk to the children about what a dentist does and how to keep their teeth clean. She brought a life size toothbrush with her and the children had a blast learning about dental hygiene.

Keeping with the theme of valuing every role in the community, we celebrated one of our teacher’s assistants birthday with a cake. The children really made her feel special. She was so touched, saying that this was the first time in her life that her birthday was celebrated with a cake!

Another highlight for the month was children’s day on November 14th. The teachers put aside all their inhibitions and dressed up in funny costumes, doing dances and other special performances for the children. The children had a blast!

During the last week of the month, we had a seminar on Child Development Aspects by Dr. Preethy Finny Samuel. Please click here to read more.

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