The theme for the month of July was the Universe. Although it may seem like a big concept for little children, we wanted their eyes to be open to the fact that there’s lots more that exists than just their little world!

In the first week, they learnt about space, the galaxies, stars, satellites and astronauts. They enjoyed pretending to travel in rockets and dress up as astronauts with the special props made for them. They learnt numbers through making their own number constellations. Another fun craft was making telescopes.

The next week was all about their solar system. They made paper mache planets and painted fiery suns.

During the next week we zoomed into our planet earth and they learnt about the different land forms and the diversity of their own planet. A highlight was the science experiment about volcanoes. The children couldn’t contain their excitement when they saw their little volcano erupting with frothy foam!

In the last week we discussed about how we have a responsibility towards our planet and introduced the concept of reduce, reuse, recycle. The children learned about practical ways how they could play a part in protecting our planet earth. A fun activity was learning how to make recycled paper. It was a long process and they did it in stages, but the end result was fun and worth the effort!

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