This summer, Kids Joy School will be conducting a summer camp for children between the ages of 4 – 12 years.

The objective of this camp is to expose children to different types of arts, stimulating their minds to venture into areas like cooking, drama, theatre, etc.

The children will be divided into three groups – 4-6s, 7-9s and 10-12s

The different workshops will be

  • Story Telling
  • Science Based Crafts
  • Theatre
  • Fireless cooking


 Story Telling:

In this workshop, children will learn how to think creatively and develop their imagination. A story will be developed over 2 days based on a theme. They will be encouraged to use props and will make a scrap book.

Science Based Crafts:

Crafts like Periscope, kaleidoscope, etc. will be taught. They will learn the science concept behind each craft and how it works.


Children will learn how to speak and act through various exercises and projects. They will learn how to handle stage fright and how to grow in confidence.

Fireless Cooking:

They will learn how to follow recipes step by step. Chocolate balls, sandwiches, cupcakes and icing are some of the things they will learn to make. Everyday they will get to take back home what they have made.


Besides the workshops, there will also be common times, where the children will learn values like obedience, kindness, patience, etc. through story, song, skits and games.

On the last day, we will have a presentation day where all parents and friends are invited. The children will showcase what they have learnt over the week and there will be special parent child activities.

The cost is inclusive of all material and snacks.

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