On Friday, November 24, 2017, Kids Joy School hosted a seminar on Child Development Aspects. The seminar was conducted by Dr. Preethy Finn Samuel, PH. D, assistant professor, Occupational Therapy, Department of Health Care Sciences, Faculty affiliate of the Developmental Disabilities Institute of Michigan’s UCEDD.

It was a two hour interactive workshop where she touched on the various aspects of the child’s brain and its development. Understanding that stimulating the mind and body is the ‘key’ to development. She also stressed on the importance of the family bond and relationships outside the family for optimum growth.

She spoke about the sad reality of ‘socially acceptable’ behaviour. Hyper active children suffer in regular schools as its is very difficult to manage them due to lack of staff and over crowded classrooms. There is so much going on in their minds and so much of potential which just goes unutilized. Its finally up to parents to understand their children and find ways and means to stimulate their minds.

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