Last Sunday, we had one of the biggest day’s of the Kids Joy School Year – the Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony. Although it was another year of an online event, we managed to make it as special as we could for every graduating child of ours. Each child in the school from the youngest at nursery to the oldest from Senior KG, was involved taking part in song or dance.

We started preparations months in advance, sending each child their part and making sure they were dressed with the right costumes. Our parents too joined in the fun, helping the children practice and do their part. Finally our video editing team compiled it all together and we had it all ready for the event.

We started at our zoom call at 6pm with excited parents, children, relatives and friends all online, cheering for our graduating children.


First, we had our Nursery children dance to the  song – thanking and acknowledging God for His goodness.


Our Principal, Mrs. Vijji Kandru, then gave a report of the year talking about the various challenges of online schooling and thanking the teachers and parents for all their support. There was a little video of the year gone by, that showed a glimpse of our zoom classes, the children following the activities at home, doing their crafts, exercises and interacting with their teachers and classmates.


Our Junior KG children then danced beautifully to a Hindi song that talks about the hope and dreams that can never be put away, with COVID or no COVID – when we persevere . 


We had our director Mrs. Joy Ann Philip share some of the values that helped parents rethink the way they communicated with their children. ‘More is caught than taught’ was the take away from that. 

Finally the stars of the day, our Senior KG graduating children, did a little performance song called, ‘The Future is Looking good to me’ followed by them receiving their certificates.


They then did a thank you song in their graduation gowns – thanking their parents, grandparents and teachers for all they did to help them finish the Sr KG.


It was a lovely time together and another successful batch graduating from Kids Joy School. We will miss them, and wish them all the best!

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