January 2017 - The Month Gone By

Another exciting month gone by at Kids Joy School. Although there was an increase in the amount of academics in the school, the fun didn’t slow down!

The theme for the month was ‘Fruits and Vegetables’ and the children learnt not just about different fruits and vegetables, but how they are grown and what their nutritional value for the body is.

They enjoyed the visit to a supermarket where they looked at the different varieties of fruits and vegetables and got to see and touch them rather than just learning about them only in textbooks.

Snack time was fun with making a healthy club sandwich with cucumber and carrots. They also enjoyed the crafts especially the corn plants (with popcorn!) and cucumber printing.

Another fun thing they did this month was writing letters, putting them in envelopes, sticking stamps and then posting it in the postbox. The postmen watching were as excited just looking at the excitement on the children’s face as the letters dropped into the box!


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