We celebrated Children’s Day, a day in advance  because it happened to be a holiday. In view of the restrictions imposed due to COVID, it was conducted in a very different way from the previous years.
We started with sharing on why we celebrate this day as Children’s Day and how every child is very special and unique. We had a Fancy Dress competition and the topic given to the children was, ‘Caring for our environment’. We chose this topic, because it has a lot of creative possibilities for costumes, and would be an opportunity for children to learn about different aspects about their environment through watching the other children as well.
Almost all the children participated and it was conducted on zoom. The children, with the help of their parents came up with amazing costumes which were made using simple everyday material available at home.
KUDOS to all parents!! We really appreciate all the efforts!
Finally, the celebration ended with  the teachers dancing to the children’s favourite song ‘Baby Shark’, which was thoroughly enjoyed not by all the children but also the teachers themselves who enjoyed performing it.

The judges found it very difficult to decide on the winners because so much effort went into each costume.

Fancy Dress Competition winners are:

1st: Ruah
2nd: Maitri
3rd: Leezal

1st:  Elizabeth
2nd: Arvin
3rd: Lucas

1st: Reuel, Jhanvi, Sanchana
2nd: Rohit
3rd: Rianna Antony
Judges also considered the effort that went into the making of some of the costumes and they wanted to acknowledge a few more:
Nursery: Anika and Aadhyan
JKG: Rinashi
SKG: Noah

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