Christmas is the season for family, for giving, for sharing and for caring. Even though Christmas this year may look different with the pandemic, you can still make it a Christmas to remember.

Last year our Christmas blog was on how to make an Advent Calendar, which is a really fun activity that you can do for your children leading to Christmas. This year, we’re putting down 25 ideas of what you can do with your children from December 1 – 25. Feel free to use it just like it is or to pick and choose activities that you like, or even just use this as an idea template to make your own.

There’s a printable version at the end that you save or print for easy reference.


December 1

Decorate the House

Children love decorating! You may want to go all out and decorate it fully or just put a few things here and there.


December 2

Bake a cake and drop it off at someone’s house

Let the children help in making the cake.


December 3

Make cards for grandparents and post them


December 4

Talk about two things about each family member that you like

You can have this conversation around the table or even sit together at the end of the day. Each person must share two things about each family member.


December 5

Play a family game together

Some great games for younger kids are Pictionary, Taboo, Uno, Snakes and ladders, or even a pillow fight!


December 6

Each person put up an act

Each person must prepare something and do a performance for the others. It can be a dance, a song, some magic tricks, a science experiment, a presentation on a topic, etc. Parents too must perform!


December 7

Give away something nice from your house

Find something nice in your house that you can give another child or someone less fortunate- maybe a nice toy or some clothes, etc


December 8

Talk about three things you have been grateful for this year

Each person must say three things they are grateful for especially during this pandemic time.


December 9

Bake cookies together

Here are some simple recipes:


December 10

Have a family video call with another family you haven’t seen in a while


December 11

Find a cause or charity together as a family and donate something to them

Involve your children in searching for a charity or cause you can donate together as a family. If they have some pocket money, it would be great if they can contribute too. Talk to them about how, no matter what we have, we can always give something to others. Here’s an organization that Kids Joy School is personally involved in, which works with educating children in rural north India:


December 12

Camp at home

Set up your own camp in your living room! Tie some bedsheets around, put some mattresses on the floor and voila you have your own tent! Play some family games, drink some hot chocolate, have some special snacks and sleep together. I can assure you it will be a night your children will always remember!


December 13

Go through old photographs and videos together as a family

Remembering fun memories is a great way to strengthen family bonds.


December 14

Make a food item for a neighbor

Let your children be involved in the making of the dish. It can be a snack, a cake, a curry or a dessert.


December 15

Each person do something special for another member of the family

You can make chits with all the family members names and each person must pick one. Whoever’s name they get, they must think of something kind that they can do for that person before the day ends.


December 16

Make some cards and a few parcels for delivery people

We constantly have delivery people coming to our door – whether it be from amazon, a courier, groceries or food delivery. Wrap little packets of some sweets or a savory item. Something that can last in a packet for at least a week. Every time you order something from out, give the delivery man a small thank you parcel!


December 17

Go for a night walk together as a family


December 18

Make a Christmas decoration

Click here for some ideas.


December 19

Read the Christmas story as a family

You can find it in the bible in Mathew 1:18 – 2:21. Click here to read it online. Or you can watch it here. Discuss the story and ask each person something about the story that they found interesting.


December 20

Take a fun family picture


December 21

Draw the Christmas Story Manger Scene

The children can make it up from what they remember about the Christmas story. They can even do a collage and stick mud, hay, etc. on their picture.


December 22

Buy a nice gift for a poor child, wrap it up and give it to them

This can be for your maid or watchman’s child or even a poor child you have noticed nearby. Let your child be involved in choosing and wrapping the gift.


December 23

Watch a Christmas movie together

Here are some nice Christmas movies to watch together as a family:

  • The Christmas Chronicle
  • Klaus
  • The Polar Express


December 24

Have a Carol’s night

Play some Christmas Carols, light some candles and drink hot chocolate together as a family.


December 25

Have a special family meal together

Christmas Day is finally here! Get your children to help in making the special meal. Set the table up nicely and have a nice sit down meal together. Ask each person to share what they enjoyed most about the things they did over the last month.



Here is the printable that you can print and stick on your fridge or download on your phone. Hope you have a great Christmas!

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