‘Let’s celebrate India!’ – Our Annual Day 2019-2020, was a very special event for Kids Joy School. Besides the Annual Day performances, we also had our Senior Kindergarten Graduation – a time of great pride and joy for everyone connected to our little graduates.

The evening started with a prayer and a minute silence in honor of one of our departed members of the board of trustees, Mr Sunil George Plammootil. He was suffering from cancer and passed away just two days before the Annual Day. He was a great support to the school and all the work that we do. He is also our senior most teacher Annie George’s husband.

This was followed by a worship song and dance by our Nursery and Junior Kindergarten children.

With our theme being ‘India’, the children brought out the diversity that is there in our country, very beautifully through dances and skits. The acts were based around a family of four, who travelled around India visiting different states and through it showing the uniqueness of our country. Our Nursery children did a fashion show to represent the different types of clothes of North Eastern States of India called the 7 sisters. Besides that we had traditional dances from Gujarat, Punjab, Maharashtra and Tamilnadu.  The aspects of equality and unity that are key to make the country stay strong was also brought out through skits.

Our goal at our Annual Day is to involve all the children in our school. Instead of just choosing the highly talented children, who would normally get picked for drama and dance, we try and give each child an opportunity to be on stage, as this helps their overall development.

The Grand finale for the Annual Day was the Graduation Ceremony of our Senior Kindergarten children as they stood poised to embark on their new journey of life. It was a time of mixed emotions as the children stood on the stage in their uniform, donning their graduation caps and sashes with pride, and parents and teachers watched on –  a knot forming in their throat and tears of happiness welling up in their eyes.

We thank all the volunteers, parents and teachers who selflessly worked with us to make this day a huge success. Through the practice sessions, we enjoyed as much as the children. It’s a great time of bonding between the teachers and children and we get to know their so much better through doing this together. The children also develop deeper relationships between themselves and they learn to work as a team. We always notice that their learning curve goes up after the Annual Day. We now look forward to an amazing third term and a time of accelerated learning.

Do watch this space for more pictures. We will be uploading the official pictures soon.

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