We’ve had an exciting first month of school. By the first week, most of the children had settled down and got into the routine of school. The theme for the month was a fun one – Jungle: Animals, Birds and Insects.  They learnt about the different creatures found in a jungle, through a wide variety of visuals: pictures, videos, books and finally the crux was the outing to a small zoo where they saw different types of animals and birds up close. The highlight was seeing the ostrich who was in its element!
At Kids Joy, we don’t view ‘extra curricular activities’ apart from ‘academics’. But we view it as a mesh that is intertwined and part of everything we do for the wholesome development of the child. So the children enjoyed making snakes while learning reptiles and ,  grasshoppers and spider webs while learning about insects. They also did an elephant craft and bird craft which was proudly displayed in their achievement chart. Another exciting activity was making bear sandwiches and rabbit salad!
The presentations by Rio on Ants and Gia on Jungle Birds were exceptional. Parents of both these children took a lot of trouble to make the presentation as interesting as possible for the children to watch. Presentations are a great opportunity for children to get over stage fright, become confident and learn to speak in front of an audience.
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