Last month at Kids Joy School, our theme was the Jungle: Vegetation, Water Bodies and Aquatic Animals. The children learnt about different trees, plants, and various water bodies likes ponds, lakes and rivers, and the animals found in them.

They had fun planting little mustard plants and the joy on their face when they saw it sprouting after a couple of days was wonderful to watch.  They enjoyed making crocodile puppets. They also learnt about the different parts of a plant and made worksheets by sticking different grains to represent each parts. Making fish shaped sandwiches was another fun activity.

The presentation on coconuts was exciting. The children got to see a coconut plant and even taste some coconut goodies. The second presentation on different water bodies was very creativity done with a model created to show the different types of water bodies. The presentation on frog was also very interesting and the children learnt a lot through it.

A highlight was the visit to Fort Kochi, where they saw different age old trees, and various types of plants. They also got to see the sea and various sea creatures like fish, lobsters, crabs and prawn.

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