We have officially finished one year of life with covid. Through all the uncertainties and ups and downs, our children too have completed an academic year like no other! And the summer holidays is still very real for them – a time to relax and play and not have to worry about completing worksheets or attending online classes.

So let’s make it special for them. Sit with them and help them plan out their summer holidays. Children love when their parents take an interest in their activities (especially those that are not academic!)

You can even make it a special event. If you take them out, then you can take them to a safe open café, or a small picnic spot. If you are not comfortable taking them out, then maybe you can take them down in the garden, or even just at home, set your table nicely and make them a special snack and drink. Celebrate their achievement and tell them how proud you are that they have got through this year. Then help them plan out their summer holidays. I’ve created a printable at the end. If you have access to a printer, you can print it out and help them fill up the different boxes. Or you can just write the questions on a nice sheet of paper and write down their answers. You can give them ideas, but let it really come from them. Summer holidays should be fun. It shouldn’t be something they don’t want to do and feel forced into.


Under each point, I’ve listed down some ideas to get your child’s mind thinking. Depending on the enthusiasm of your child, you can write down one, two or even three things in each category.


  1. Something new I want to learn
  • Embroidery
  • Skating
  • Baking
  • Keyboard
  • Growing a plant
  • Looking after fish
  • Origami


  1. Something creative I want to do
  • Create a nature collage
  • Make some doll clothes
  • Make a lego house
  • Make bookmarks
  • Paint


  1. A project with Dad/ Mum
  • Build a racing track for my cars
  • Make a rocket out of a cardboard box
  • Make a tent in the room
  • Make a doll house
  • Make an electric torch


  1. Something I will do everyday
  • Read for 15 mins
  • Water the plants
  • Colour a page in my colouring book
  • Do one act of kindness for someone in my family
  • Learn a verse from the bible
  • Read a page from the encyclopedia


  1. Something healthy I will do for my body
  • Have only fruits for my morning snack
  • Play down everyday for atleast 1 hour
  • Do cycling everyday for 15 mins
  • Take a vitamin supplement every alternate day


  1. Something I will do for someone else
  • Bake some cookies and send it to the nearby orphanage
  • Use my pocket money to buy a gift for my cousin and send it to him/her
  • Make a card for my grandparents and post it to them
  • Help Mummy to set the table everyday


Happy Summer Holidays!

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