Kids Joy is happy to announce the start of a new programme: ‘Mums and Toddlers’.

As is our motto – ‘Giving your child a headstart’, we want to start as young as possible!

This programme is for parents (mums and dads) along with their little ones (4 months – 2 ½ years). Pregnant mothers are encouraged to come too.

It will be on Fridays at Kids Joy School (First floor) from 10:00 – 11:30am.

It has been designed in such a way as to stimulate your little one’s senses through various creative means.

They will be opened to the world of music through songs with actions and rhymes, musical instruments and other sounds. Their gross motor skills will be strengthened with lots of carefully designed fun exercises and movements. Fine motor skills will be encouraged through craft and art activities, water play, play with clay, sensory tubs and other special experiences using sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste.

It’s never too early to start educating them. This is a stage where they are like little sponges. They will be introduced to concepts like size, shape, colours, animals, plants, science, etc. all through fun activities and song… truly giving them a headstart to life!

Not only will it be a learning and fun time for the kids, but it’s a great time for parents to meet other parents (with kids at the same stage of life) chat, talk, share advice and just relax over a hot cup of coffee and homemade cake!

So please don’t miss it. Bring your friends and come with your little ones.

For more details and to register, please call: 8893805820 or 9388389659 or email us at


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