Corona Virus has officially changed everyone’s life. The world is not the same, and while we are grappling to figure it out ourselves and calm our own fears, many of us are not aware that life has changed for our children as well and they too are struggling in their own way.


Here are some of the ways you can help your children at this time:


1.  Be mindful of them

Just because they are children and may not possess knowledge about what is happening around the world, like the way we do, for them too life has changed and they may be going through their own difficulties, fears and apprehensions. Be sensitive to them and be patient, kind and loving.


2. Explain to them about Corona Virus

Many of the children have their own fears about what is happening and may have heard all sorts of things from their friends and even picked up stuff from the TV. So its very important that you have a conversation with them about it. Explain clearly what the virus is.

Here is what you can say:

  • Corona Virus is a disease that makes people sick.
  • People can get a cough, cold and fever when they get corona virus
  • But most people get well after a week.
  • Normally healthy children who look after themselves well won’t get too sick.
  • Corona virus can pass from one person to another if someone who has corona virus coughs or sneezes next to another person.
  • It can also pass if a sick person touches something and a healthy person touches the same thing and then touches their mouth or nose.
  • That’s why at this time, we have been asked to stay in our homes and not meet anyone else. So that the virus will not spread from one person to the other. This is called ‘Social Distancing’.


3. Explain to them how they can stay safe:

  • Since it’s a virus, it can come into our bodies from our mouth or nose. So its very, very important that we don’t put our fingers (or anything else) into our mouth or nose.
  • We must always wash our hands with soap as soon as we come from outside or before we eat anything. Wash for atleast 30 seconds. You can sing the Happy Birthday Song while washing your hands.
  • If someone is coughing or sneezing, we must avoid playing with them. If we are coughing or sneezing, we must stay at home till we get well.
  • Its very important to eat healthy food during this time, so that our body is strong, and even if corona virus comes, our body will be able to fight it. Avoid all junk food like chips, sweets, etc. These things bring our immunity down.


4. Talk to them about what’s happening in the world around

As new as this whole situation is for us, it is new to them as well. Tell your children this is something that is affecting people all over the world and many countries are asking their people to stay inside their homes. Help them to think about others during this time -the people who are all alone and have no one to help them, the poor people who can’t work and get money to buy food, etc.  Remind them to be grateful for everything they have.


5. Spend time with them

This is a great time for some real family bonding. Get down on the floor and play with your kids. Build tents, paint, make craft projects, have meals together and talk, do things that you can only do at home! Remember this time will soon be gone and life will get back to its normal busy pace. In some ways this is God given time to spend with the family. Make the most of it, and may your children look back with fond memories of this time.




Here is a little book about Corona Virus for small children:


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