It seems like covid is finally on the decline and life is slowly getting back to normal. Many children are going back to school after 2 years of being at home, and others are entering school for the first time after being completely sheltered at home for 2 years! So it will be a huge transition for the children. But there are things as parents that we can do, to make it easier for our children to adjust.


  1. Recognize that it will be a big change

The first step is just recognizing that it’s going to be a change and it may be hard on the child, however social they are. Going into a school environment, having to interact with so many new children, having to interact with a new teacher, following a structured routine, there are so many new things for the child to adjust to. So it’s important to be patient and understanding as the child goes through it.


  1. Talk to your child about it

Explain to your child how things will change. But don’t scare them in the process! Talk about it very positively. Ask the child what they are looking forward to and what they are apprehensive about it. If they are worried about anything, help them find solutions or ways to cope with the anxiety.


  1. Do a tour of the school

Take your child to the school, and show them around. If possible, go into the classroom, meet the child’s teacher, show them where the toilets are, etc. Since the child has been with you for the past two years, help your child go through the transition by being the bridge for them.


  1. Celebrate going back to school

Make it a special event for your child. Buy them some nice stationary, water bottle, snack box, etc. Let them choose it and get excited about it. Tell them how proud of them you are, that they got through this covid time and adjusted to it, and how you’re excited for them, for this new phase of going back to school.


  1. Teach them basic sanitation

Remind them to wash their hands when they get to school and before eating anything. Remind them not to put their fingers in their mouth or touch their face. Find out from the school what covid protocols they follow, and make sure your child is aware of it.


  1. Be prepared for a time of adjustment

Even if you have done all this, once your child goes back to child, be ready for some mood swings and emotional outbursts because of the change. But in a few months, it will settle and life will be back to normal!


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