Finding ways to entertain your child, is always a challenge, during the summer holidays. Here are some quick and easy, no prep games that you can do with your child anytime – indoors or outdoors. It helps release some energy and is a great way to bond with your child with lots of laughter!


 1. Queen of Sheeba

Tell your child that you are the ‘Queen of Sheeba’ (or ‘King of Sheeba’) and they have to find what you ask them to. Say, “The Queen of Sheeba wants a _____”

Here are somethings you can ask for:

  • Red Block
  • Ball
  • Something pokey
  • Something green
  • A jungle animal (it can be a toy or even a picture)
  • Something yellow and blue
  • Sock
  • Your favourite toy


2. Bag Game

Put a few objects (that your child is familiar with) into a bag. Say an object and ask your child to put their hand in, and try and find the object without looking, but just by feeling it.


3. Animal Race

Have a start line and a finish line (it can be from one wall of the room to the other.) Ask them to run across the room, in different ways. For example:

  • Jump like a frog
  • Hop like a kangaroo
  • Slither like a snake
  • Run like a cheetah
  • Walk like an elephant
  • Run like a dog
  • Hop like a rabbit
  • Walk like a giraffe (they can go on tip toes)

(My preschooler loves this game, and it invariably ends up in lots of giggles.)

4. Rhythm Game

Here’s a fun game that’s been viral on the internet recently. Do it slowly first, and then if they are able to do it, you can increase the speed. This game is great to teach them rhythm and coordination. You can try it with different rhythms as well.

5. Follow the leader

Tell your child that they have to copy whatever action you do. Do different actions (like touching your toes, doing star jumps, making funny faces, or even doing different clap rhythms). Your child can then have a turn at being the leader – where they do the action and you copy it.


6. Hot and Cold

Ask your preschooler to close their eyes, and hide an object in the room. Then they have to go and find it. If they are close to the object, you should say ‘Hot’ and if they are far away from the object, say ‘Cold’. After a few turns, they can have a go at hiding the object and you can find it.


7. Would you rather?

This is a fun game for laughs and to get to know your child. Ask would you rather questions to them. For example:

  • Would you rather go swimming or have a day in the mall?
  • Would you rather go to the beach or to the park?

You can also ask some fun questions like:

  • Would you rather eat ‘brocolli icecream’ or ‘palak bhajiyas’?
  • Would you rather be a monkey or a lion?


8. Guess the action

Act out something your child is familiar with and ask your child to guess what you are acting. e.g. brushing teeth, combing hair, cooking, singing, etc. Your child can then act out something and you can guess.



Hope you have fun playing these games with your child!


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