Rachna Nain, Mother of Netanya

For any toddler to move from home to school is a very big step. So the atmosphere of the school really matters. It helps them to come out of their inhibitions and so we as parents have found Kids Joy a stepping stone in our child’s life.
We found so many good changes in our daughter Netanya in terms of her character. She started socializing and became a friendly girl. Also there has been clarity about different concepts that are being taught.
She loves each and every teacher of hers. We found that every teacher takes personal interest, shows love and concern, disciplines and as a result Netanya is very comfortable with them.

Also we as parents are being blessed with different seminars that the school conducts. Seminars on how to bring up children, how we as parents must play a key role in our child’s life etc.
We also appreciate during ‘open day’ the way the staff gives their time and unbiased suggestions and advice. In short we as a family love ‘Kids Joy’ and are very proud of it.

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