It was an exciting month at Kids Joy School. The theme for the month was ‘Me and my family’. The kids learnt how God has made each one of them special with unique qualities and talents and how they can love people around them especially those not as privileged as them. They also learnt about their family. It was a great joy to see them bringing pictures and talking about their family during Show and Tell. The presentations were excellent with high level of participation from parents. The different presentations included my family and ideas of how we can help the less fortunate. One of the parents came up with the idea of collecting gifts to give old people at an old age home. This was very well received by the other parents and gifts came pouring in!

The highlight of the month was the visit to the old age home near the school. The children performed songs and dances for the old folk at the home. They loved it. It brought great joy to their faces to see the young enthusiastic children. And the gift giving at the end touched them a lot. It was a great experience for the children too, to be able to see the way they could impact other people’s lives.

Along with the intense practicing for the annual day in December, the children managed to squeeze in time to do crafts and make a card for one of the students who was leaving.

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