Kids Joy School celebrated its Annual Day on Sunday, 2nd of March . Mrs Padmaja Nair, Chair Person of Child Welfare Committee, Ernakulam was the Chief Guest and Mrs Elizabeth Jacob, Principal, The Kings School, Kollam was the Guest of Honour at a very colourful programme put up by the school. The event featured songs and dances by the children dressed in creative costumes and it was an exhilarating moment for the parents.

Speaking on the occasion, Mrs Padmaja Nair appreciated the excellent work being done by Kids Joy in ensuring the overall development of children and instilling good values into them from such a young age. She highlighted the importance of putting right foundations into a child’s life as it would be very difficult to bring transformation later on in life, which the Correction Homes she oversees struggle to do. Mrs Elizabeth Jacob spoke of the important role the parents need to play in the lives of children by being good role models to them and by spending quality time. This will ensure that the children do not emulate unhelpful personalities from the environment.
Mrs Joy Ann Philip, the Principal of the school said that learning should be growth stimulating but at the same time fun and enjoyable for the children. She also went on to say that each child is unique and needed personalised attention and input to excel in her or his potential. She also underscored the importance of the school’s interactive sessions with the parents such as picnics and open house times. Field trips to parks and other places of interest by the school enhance the learning experience of the children she said.
The Annual Day programme culminated in the Graduation Ceremony for the children who will now move on to other schools for their primary classes.

To see more photos of the event, click here.

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